I've been feeling a little roller coaster-y lately. Lots of ups, lots of downs, so I've been spending an extra amount of time in my cozy bed. I got this book from my parents this Christmas, and hadn't really gotten the chance to dive in (pun intended) until lately. It's such a beautiful book.

I tried really hard to keep one of my new years' goals of skating to work as much as possible, but due to our coldest Winter in over 30 years, I didn't manage to do it as much as I would have liked to. That said, temperatures did warm up recently and I skated and walked to work a handful of times during the nice weather. I did skate a whole bunch this Winter, but unfortunately the river trail is now closed.

Things have been pretty slow at the shop lately, so I spent a lot of time cleaning, purging and organizing things and getting the shop ready for Spring! Things will most likely be pretty busy around these parts as the temperatures rise, so it's nice to get things in order while we can.

This is Rusty. He belongs to my good friends' Crystal and Donovan and he's kind of the best guy. His shirt was made by my friend Jill Sawatzky of Tony Chestnut (or Tiny Chestnut in this case!) I know she's taking orders for them, so if you're interested, shoot her an email which can be found on her website, and tell her I sent ya!

One of my best friends Zoe recently moved into a beautiful big apartment just down the street from me, and Stef and I have been helping her paint the place!

How perfect is her wooden pineapple collection?

Work hard, play hard. Bathtub break time.

My mom & dad recently put in a new kitchen and I got to spend the day with my mom last week organizing her cupboards. I love to organize, and doing her spice drawer was kind of the best thing ever.

I can't go to the country without going to my favorite thrift store! I scored this shirt for 25 cents!

I've been spending a good amount of my time in my kitchen lately, and whipped up a pretty delicious carrot cake the other day. The best part is definitely getting to lick the beaters!

I got tickets for James Vincent Mcmorrow a few months back and I can honestly say he completely blew my mind into a million pieces. 

I loved the stage set up, and his voice is just pure magic. 

Catching up on Shameless, and drinking Lucky. Good combo.

I was cleaning out my drawers and noticed how many spotted make-up related things I had kicking around!

List-making and tea drinking: it's what I've been up to. 

I finished this crazy week at the symphony yesterday! The Juno awards were in Winnipeg this weekend, and there were so many great shows because of it! The Winnipeg Symphony Orchestra played with 4 amazing local bands and it was a really incredible show!

Hope you guys are doing swell. Happy Monday.
xo, Erin


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