Friday loveliness. Friday loveliness.

It's the weekend already? Time for more pretty inspiration: In a perfect world I could rock this amazing pink bob. So good. California i...

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10:55 AM

52 weeks. 52 books. 52 weeks. 52 books.

Like I shared earlier this month, one of my goals for 2014 is to read a book every week. 52 weeks, 52 books.  I have made it a habit to turn...

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9:58 AM

Things to Come -  Return to Storage Wars in the Sierra Foothills Things to Come - Return to Storage Wars in the Sierra Foothills

Wanted to let you all know that I'm heading out of town on Friday to return to the California foothills and visit my mother, Fran.  We p...

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9:29 PM

Pretty planters. Pretty planters.

Oh summer, where are you?! Since we've been trapped indoors for what feels like an eternity, we are trying to add as much greenery as po...

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12:23 PM

Soup's on. Soup's on.

So our temperatures here in Winnipeg this Winter have not been pleasant to say the least, but we've managed to stay warm (for the most p...

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10:46 AM

Chicken and spinach soup with pesto. Chicken and spinach soup with pesto.

Oh man, it is still frigid in these parts, so soups have been on heavy rotations for meal options for us. This is one of my favorite hearty ...

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10:19 AM

Stay hungry. Stay foolish. Stay hungry. Stay foolish.

Yay! It's Friday! Man, January is flying past pretty quickly, and we couldn't be happier about it. The sooner that Spring gets here,...

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12:56 PM

Bubblegum pink. Bubblegum pink.

Today we are kicking it old school with a good old fashioned Hues-day post! We figured that we were long overdue for this post to make a bit...

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9:28 AM

Party planning! Party planning!

Bored of doing the same ol' thing for dinner parties? Well here are some fun unique meal ideas that you should try instead! Make a giant...

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1:30 PM

Natural wood in the kitchen. Natural wood in the kitchen.

Happy Monday you guys! We hope you had a wonderful weekend. Everything about this kitchen is exactly what I hope to have someday. From the ...

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10:18 AM

TGIF (seriously!) TGIF (seriously!)

Whoa, it's already Friday again... really? Wow. Was your week as busy and hectic as ours? Here are a few pretty things to help you unwin...

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10:10 AM

Winter wardrobe necessities. Winter wardrobe necessities.

I don't know about you guys, but we have had a ridiculously cold winter here so far which can make getting dressed a little bit challeng...

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2:18 PM

Erin's new years' goals. Erin's new years' goals.

I love the start of a new year. I know that a lot of people think setting goals/resolutions is kind of a joke, but for me, it works and I lo...

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11:11 AM