Bye bye, February! Bye bye, February!

Guess what?! It's the last day of February! Yessss! We are so ready for March over here! It's about time to see this snow start melt...

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11:39 AM

Run away with me. Run away with me.

Ok, I'm officially done with Winter. I can no longer deal with it. Do you ever just feel like packing a bag and running away? Lately tha...

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10:10 AM

What Stef's been up to lately. What Stef's been up to lately.

The temperatures have remained consistently cold around these parts, so I've been spending the majority of my time at home getting thing...

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11:44 AM

Next stop: Italy & Greece Next stop: Italy & Greece

The next trip that I go on, it will hopefully be to Italy and to Greece. Since I was 16 years old I have planned on going, but life got in t...

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10:11 AM

Return to Treasure Island (SF, CA) Return to Treasure Island (SF, CA)

I drove over the new Bay Bridge yesterday afternoon to return to Treasure Island to the flea market held there the last weekend...

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1:25 PM