TGIF lovelies! I am extra excited this Friday because tonight I am having a bit of an early birthday celebration with some of my best pals! After work today we are going to have an after hours wine and cheese party at the shop with a bunch of my close friends and I can't wait! So to get my birthday weekend started off on the right foot I thought I would share some fun party themed photos with you:

 Um, whoa. Yes. The perfect addition to any party attire: a set of gold glitter star false lashes.

Erin and I found this recipe for blackberry and lemon gin & tonics that we are going to taste test tonight! We will be sure to report back if they are as delicious as they look! (I'm sure they will be!)

None of my parties are complete without a cheeseboard, but I think that goes without saying at this point.

A cute cake is a party necessity...

...and so is a champagne tower! ;)

Alright friends, I hope you all have a great weekend, I know I sure will! Well I'm off now to go find the perfect birthday dress!

XO, Stef


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