It's the freakin' weekend! It's the freakin' weekend!

Thank goodness another Friday is here! This week went sailing past, as they all seem to lately, but we couldn't be happier that it's...

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11:24 AM

Paint-a-palooza Paint-a-palooza

We have been busy slowly chipping away at painting our new studio, but before we painted, we had a lot of holes to fill/sand down. It's ...

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9:45 AM

Pearls of wisdom. Pearls of wisdom.

As Erin mentioned earlier, it has definitely been a roller coaster of a year. So much has happened and so many things have changed that we n...

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1:32 PM

Real talk. Real talk.

Oh boy, it's Monday and I have a bit of a doozy of a post for you guys today (It's Erin here by the way). I have been putting this o...

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10:32 AM

Loveliness. Loveliness.

It is a hot and sunny afternoon here in Winnipeg and we literally could not be happier! It feels like we have been waiting years for this we...

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11:18 AM

Pining over you. Pining over you.

I don't know what it is about them, but lately all I want to do is buy pineapple-shaped things or items covered in pineapple print! It&#...

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12:09 PM

Beachin' it. Beachin' it.

Summer is just around the corner, and we have cute swimsuits on the mind! Here are some of our favorite styles over at Topshop currently, n...

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11:06 AM

DIY projects for the home. DIY projects for the home.

Need a spring project? Here are a few cute ideas you could try making to jazz up your home! Happy Monday, friends! How adorable is this rust...

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9:19 AM

Long weekend love. Long weekend love.

It's Friday and it's beautiful out, so naturally we're in a good mood! We have been busy transforming the studio, giving everyth...

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10:51 AM

Tony Chestnut does it again. Tony Chestnut does it again.

I'm so excited to share the work of two very important people in my life. My good friend Jill Sawatzky is the one woman power house behi...

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10:55 AM