This past month was pretty much a blur, just trying to push through our never-ending Winter, but I managed to keep myself distracted with new tattoos! 

Stef and I made a consult at Rebel Waltz with my buddy Bram, who is extremely talented, I especially love his plant-life drawings so I knew I wanted to get him to do a tattoo that I have been thinking about for over a year now. I went into the consult with an idea of what I wanted - a botanical drawing of dill, and when we went back for the tattoo, his drawing was completely different than I imagined, but one hundred times better. I got this tattoo in memory of my wild and crazy Auntie Marj who was killed in a car accident a few years back. Her and I had a very special relationship, and I had a few ideas for tattoos that I could get in her honor, but then I thought of dill, and it just stuck. She always had the craziest garden, with dill that was waist-high, and she put it in nearly everything. I spend a lot of time in my kitchen, and I too cook with a lot of dill, and to this day I can not smell it without thinking of her (and usually tearing up). So, here it is, this one's for you Auntie Marj. I love that every time I look down at my arm I think of her, it's a tattoo that I know I will never ever regret.

Bram did such an incredible job of this one, the shading and the detail of it is so beautiful.

So it goes. Kind of self-explanatory. I knew I wanted a short and simple saying on my opposite forearm, and this is a saying that I remember my dad and my grandmother use on a regular basis. Yes it also happens to be a Kurt Vonnegut reference too, but that's not why I chose it. It's just kind of stuck with me in the past few months. Don Ritson at Rebel Waltz did this one, and it turned out completely perfect.

That's all for now folks, have a happy Monday!
xo, Erin


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