Did you guys celebrate your mothers yesterday? We hope you showed them the love that they deserve! I had a wonderful day with my mom and the rest of my family. My sister and I made crepes for everyone, ate in her front porch and then we spent the afternoon going to greenhouses. It's how I wish I could spend every day. 

 We know we are a little late in posting a loving blurb to our mom's, but better late than never right? We are two of the luckiest girls around and a main reason for that is because of the relationships we have with our amazing moms. We're convinced we have the two best mothers on the planet, and without them we'd be completely lost. They are our biggest supporters, love us more than anyone else does, especially on our 'off' days. They are encouraging and the life of every party, and have taught us how to do and be so many things. 
We love you Kim & Carol. Thanks for putting up with us. 

To all of the moms out there, and mom's to be, thanks for being so darn amazing.

XO, Erin & Stef


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