We're on our way home and It's Halloween too! So much to be excited about!
Sorry to disappoint, but you won't find any Halloween-themed post here today, rather a bunch of short-haired girl crushes. I've (Erin here) been contemplating going back to my short-haired ways, and these beauties are really encouraging me to do it. What do you think?
Ever come across one of those blogs that you just lose track of time on? This beauty - Coline's blog was one of those. Holy moly what a stunner. Both of the above photos are of her. Think I'm going to chop my hair off when I get back from our trip!

Saw this blonde babe over at Nasty Gal

Another blonde beauty found over here.

Such a pretty cut & girl!

Michelle Williams from Elle UK 2011. Seriously how cute is she?

This cut is completely perfect.


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