I've been talking up the Treasure Island Flea Market so much, that I planned a return visit with my friends, Summerlea, Nathan and their little guy, Bram today.  This flea market is open during the last weekend of every month.  We had it planned for a while, but it just happened that we had a rain storm this morning.  Now most people know that California is having a drought.  We do welcome rain when ever we can get it.  But going to the flea market in the rain was a challenge.  They are open rain or shine because they have an inside area that is quite a large building.  We decided to take our chances and see it in the rain.

Driving over the bridge, you couldn't see the city due to the rain, but the trees smelled magnificent as we got off the bridge and drove towards Treasure Island.  By the time we got to the parking lot, the storm was above us and the rain was pouring down.  We waited in the car until it let up a little and then did a fast walk for the building.  It is usually $3 to get in, but today it was free because of the rain.

We still had a good time and found a lot of interesting items for sale.  I bought a memory foam pillow that I can't wait to try out and Summerlea got some new sheets.  I saw some cool vintage jackets from C & M Vintage Pros and some beautiful and artistic jewelry.  There was also plenty of food to choose from at the food trucks outside in the rain.  I had a great time and am glad that I went to the Treasure Island Flea Market, rain or shine.

 Treasure Island Flea Market in the rain
 It was free to get in today, but it's usually $3
 Lots of activity inside the flea market
 My friends - Nathan, Summerlea & Bram
 Jewelry vendor
 New bags for 75% off
 Handmade Designer Chic

 Lime jacket dream
 Carmen from C & M Vintage Pros

 Summerlea with a mocha

 Vintage aprons
 Vintage beaded purses
 Scarves, scarves and more scarves

 Day of the dead 49'ers baby shirt
Vintage toys - I bought Pluto for $5


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