Yesterday Erin shared a bit about what's been going on in her life lately, so I thought I would give you a peek into what's been going on in mine...

 Two weeks ago I celebrated my 27th birthday with a bunch of my best pals. We had an after hours party at our shop and had plenty of good music and wine & cheese to go around.

Erin and Zoe were so sweet helping me plan and host my party, I seriously don't know what I would do without them. You girls are the best pals a gal could ask for!

I've also been finally getting around to some much needed spring cleaning. I will be honest with you guys, I've been pretty lazy with my house upkeep over the last few winter months because I have just felt so uninspired by the frigid temps. However, now that things are slowly warming up I am starting to re-gain my motivation again, for instance...

I also have a few spring projects that I want to start tackling, a few of which involve adding a bit more color to my rooms! I had painted my hallway this color last fall and I like it so much that I am thinking about adding it to a few walls in my dining room too!

Coffee and day planning, a great start to the morning. (Also, I've said it before and I will say it again: where did March go?! Holy moly.)

 Now that April is here I am all about spring florals and red lips.

As motivated as I feel to get things done around the house, I always manage to fall victim to the comfiness of my cozy bed. Many a lazy Sunday afternoon are spent here.

 I've also seen plenty of good shows lately, as Erin mentioned earlier, we all went to see James Vincent McMorrow and it was nothing short of incredible.

 What have you guys been up to lately? Hope all is well on your end!

XO, Stef


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