Every year I can't say enough about how amazing this girl is, but the longer we are friends, I just love her more and more. Stef, this year has been a crazy one and if you would not have been by my side I can truly say I probably wouldn't have come out on top.
We have gone on multiple trips, gotten matching tattoos (twice now!) built a successful business from the ground up, been there for each other through the loss of loved ones, and have seen each other get married. We have danced nights away, shared many a pulled pork grilled cheese, ran our blog, laughed until we've cried, cried until we've laughed, and drank copious amounts of wine. There is truly no one else that I can picture doing any of the things that I am lucky enough to do, without you as my best possible wing woman. Over the past 5 years, we have grown closer than I ever could have imagined - not bad for two girls who normally get along better with guys! Thank you for being you, i'm so unbelievably glad that I can call you my best lady.
I love you to the flippin' moon and back amigo. Please don't go anywhere, I couldn't do any of this without you.
 Happy birthday to my best pal. I hope 27 is your best year yet. Can't be any crazier than 26...can it?
XO, Erin


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