Baked feta with fig & thyme compote. Baked feta with fig & thyme compote.

Are you in search of the perfect dinner party appetizer? Well look no further, because this recipe for baked feta covered with fig-thyme com...

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10:22 AM

Bookshelf envy. Bookshelf envy.

We've been seeing a lot of really incredible homes online lately, and one thing we keep being drawn to is a good bookshelf! Do you have ...

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10:43 AM

How to make the perfect cheeseboard. How to make the perfect cheeseboard.

For as long as I can remember I have had an immense love of cheese. Everyone that knows me, knows that the key to my heart is with cheese. I...

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9:43 AM

Our cozy outfits for work. Our cozy outfits for work.

With our temperatures rising and then dropping quickly, we've been having a hard time deciding what to wear! So lately we've been la...

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10:38 AM

Inspiring space: Cute displays. Inspiring space: Cute displays.

We are total suckers for a good bookshelf display or a cozy corner full of our favorite brightly-colored retro knick knacks and this home ju...

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11:18 AM

March madness. March madness.

Thinking about hopping on the sponsorship train for March? Well as you can see we switched over to Passionfruit to help us with our ads and ...

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1:00 PM

So lovely. So lovely.

It's the weekend already?! Whoa. Time for our weekly dose of inspiration: I have a bit of a soft spot for Jamie Oliver and his line of ...

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9:35 AM

Zucchini banana bread recipe. Zucchini banana bread recipe.

Ingredients: * 3 Very ripe bananas * 2 Small zucchinis, approximately 1 Cup shredded * 1/2 C Sugar * 3 Tbsp honey or Agave syrup * 1 Egg * 2...

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10:32 AM

Meet our February sponsors: Meet our February sponsors:

Say hello to this talented bunch and be sure to check out their awesome blogs and shops! SHOP   //   TWITTER   //   FACEBOOK Well hello ther...

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11:22 AM

Cozy looks we love. Cozy looks we love.

We know that we should be thinking of Spring, but with the crazy snow and temperatures that we have had yesterday and today, we can only thi...

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10:26 AM

Vintage Fashion on Haight Street in San Francisco, CA Vintage Fashion on Haight Street in San Francisco, CA

When I first began this blog a year ago, I went to one of my favorite parts of the city, the Haight, to photograph vintage clothes in stores...

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12:00 PM