Rainy Friday. Rainy Friday.

Holy smokes, another week has come and gone, and it's really starting to feel like Autumn is creeping in. It's been rainy and pretty...

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10:25 AM

It's (almost) sweater weather. It's (almost) sweater weather.

The temperatures have gradually started to drop here in Winnipeg so we have already started doing a little bit of fall window shopping, as m...

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11:55 AM

Hornsea pottery love. Hornsea pottery love.

We've been collecting Hornsea pottery for years now, and as much as our kitchens have changed over the years, these pieces seem to someh...

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11:31 AM

Exterior envy. Exterior envy.

Sometimes it is nice to judge a book by it's cover:    How adorable is this little pink cafe with the most suiting name?   I've alw...

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12:21 PM

Happy weekend! Happy weekend!

 Woop! It's Friday again! This week went by super crazy fast and we are looking forward to the weekend. Oh, we also updated our Instagra...

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2:43 PM

In the boudoir. In the boudoir.

Alright, so we moved into our house just over a year ago now and I am embarrassed to admit that we still had not even unpacked the spare bed...

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1:25 PM

Sales & discounts galore! Sales & discounts galore!

It's really mind-boggling that Summer is kinda sorta coming to a close! I feel like I'm just starting to relax and enjoy myself and ...

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11:18 AM

Lovely liquors. Lovely liquors.

...Because it's 5 o'clock somewhere, right? Fizzy Peach Jalapeno Margaritas. First of all, this looks like the best thing ever. Seco...

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1:10 PM

Toni's Vintage Dream Shoes & Purses Toni's Vintage Dream Shoes & Purses

I've been going through my dream closet this weekend looking for the most special shoes and purses.  There were just too many to show in...

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6:32 PM