Yesterday Stefanie and I went out looking for some new (old) things for our new shop! We are on the hunt for a few pieces, one of which is a Formica kitchen table. We've both owned quite a few different ones over the years, but we're looking for one that will bring one room together, and we haven't found it quite yet. It did get us looking through some pretty amazing old photos and ads though! 
For those of you who aren't familiar with Formica,  we're sure you've seen the chrome legged beauties at garage sales, thrift store, and antique shops galore! It is a hard, super durable plastic laminate used for all sorts of surfaces, particularly those in the kitchen!
Little fact about Formica: it has a Canadian cousin named Arborite!

This kitchen from 1960 is blowing our minds!

These are some of the more popular samples you could choose from back in the day! We love the boomerang print (aka "Skylark") and have a coffee table in our shop in a grey with pink version!

Classic tables.


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