There was a change in the air today; autumn is officially here. That means back to school time and cozy days filled with warm tea, knit sweaters, pumpkin baking and crunchy colorful leaves. Since neither of us are in school, the change of season doesn't affect us too much, but we've gotta admit that there is something so inspiring about this time of year. We have this instinctual desire to lock ourselves in our homes and work on all of the little projects that we have been wanting to do for so long but could never find the time for before.
That is just one of the many reasons why we are so excited for this season. Another big reason is that we will be moving into our new shop! Most of our time will be occupied by that over the next couple of weeks, but after we get all settled in we are really looking forward to spending lots of time working on our blog. We have a lot of exciting things planned for the coming months, so you can look forward to seeing more cute DIY posts, fun party ideas, updates about our shop life, tips for aspiring vintage boutique owners, and lots more! Fall will also be the time when we re-launch our Etsy shop! We have been recieving many emails requesting that we re-open it, so not to worry, this will be happening sooner than you think! We can't wait to pack our online store full of the vintage goodies that we have been collecting!

What about you? What are you most looking forward to doing now that autumn has arrived?

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