Ahh, we can't believe that October 1st is just around the corner which means that we will be officially opening the doors to our new store location in less than 3 weeks!!! We still have a lot of decisions to make so we are going to be spending the day brainstorming fun design ideas! It may seem a bit overwhelming but this is actually our favorite part! We love decorating and being able to make ourselves at home in a space! We didn't really get to do too many personalizations to our current location so we are excited to go all out with our new permanent location. We have so many ideas floating through our brains right now, but we will keep most of them a secret until we move in and unveil the new shop! However, we will give you a few peeks of what has been occupying our thoughts lately...

For starters... paint! We are HUGE fans of brightly colored walls! We love pretty much all colors so the hardest part is just picking one (or two... or three...) We have about 100 paint chips that we are trying to narrow down to just our absolute favorite colors! 

We are also on the hunt for some great pieces for the new space! Good lighting is super important to us so we made it a top priority to find some amazing lamps to decorate the shop with! We are still currently on the hunt for some cute display cases and we still need to design and make some shelving units!

Everything is coming together very nicely and we can't wait to show you the end result! Stay tuned for more shop peeks in the coming weeks!



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