If you have been following us on Twitter, Facebook, or Instagram, you may have noticed a few debbie downer status updates over the last couple of days, and that's because we had a bomb dropped on us on Friday. So we spent the weekend feeling sorry for ourselves, hibernating, and drinking copious amounts of wine, but now it's a new week and time for a fresh start! First we will fill you in on what went down last week...

We got to work on Friday morning armed with cans of chartruese paint and a bunch of ideas for the new shop that we were ready to start tackling! However, that came to a sudden hault when we had a brief meeting with the owner of the building, who is also the landlord. At the beginning of the meeting he was fully on board with our ideas and even went as far as to offer suggestions on how to better our new space, but five minutes later he changed his tune. He basically decided on his own, without consulting us, that we won't be moving anymore, even though our grand opening day was
less than 2 weeks away!!!

We tried to reason with him, but it was obvious that he had already made up his mind. We sat there with our mouths on the floor and tears in our eyes in total shock of what had just happened. We're still in shock. How could he do this to us so close to our opening? We had a million thoughts and questions racing through our minds so we decided to take the weekend off to collect our thoughts.

So here we are, ready to make the best of this situation and perhaps take this as an opportunity to start fresh. We realize that everything happens for a reason, and this clearly wasn't in the cards for us. Even though we are still disappointed, we are trying to stay positive and focus on what new and exciting things our future will hold! We are in the process of looking for a new space of our own, which has always been our long-term goal, so this just pushes us harder to get there. This will also push us to open our online shop sooner! We will keep you posted on the progress in the coming weeks!

Love, Stefanie & Erin


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