We are really lucky girls. We have some of the most amazing friends on the planet and we love the city that we live in. Lots of people don't understand how we can live in a place with the most drastic temperatures, and not a lot to do (especially once temperatures drop) but we beg to differ! There's something magical about this small city and the friendly people that call it home.
Winnipeg has some of the most creative people that we know; maybe there's something in the water? We think that because it's a small city (more like a really big town) everyone seems to know everyone, and we feed off of each other's creative energy.

 Here's a peak at some of our wonderfully talented friends that live in Winnipeg (or nearby) that are doing what they love, and are doing it well

Our friend Nils Vik just opened the most beautiful coffee shop, Parlour Coffee this last week. 
Lucky for us it's right around the corner from our shop! 
Great coffee, great people and a great space; what a perfect combo.  

I (Erin) am not a big fan of coffee, but I am really confident that Parlour Coffee will make me a believer, and we wish Nils all the best! Welcome to the neighbourhood buddy!
If you live in this lovely city, go and check it out people, you won't be disappointed!
(These photos were taken by Nils)

Parlour Coffee 468 Main Street

Some newer friends of ours, Jessie & Tyler Thiessen of One + One Design are going to be launching their website really soon and we are so excited to see it!
They are a newly married duo that do amazing wedding (and other events) stationary design and illustration!
We're already talking about some kind of collaboration in the future, and we're can hardly wait! They are going to do big things, we can feel it in our bones!

Check out their amazing work here:
The photo of Jessie & Tyler above (they have the cutest logo ever!) was taken by our other new and talented friend Rosie of  Simply Rosie Photography!

We met her a couple weeks back when she came to us to borrow some outfits and props for a photoshoot she was working on. Here's a peak from that shoot! We can't wait to see more!
Check out Rosie's amazing work here:


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