Ahh! We found a new location for our shop!!! We will be taking over the space with the blue awning! Isn't it cute?! It's still located in the Exchange District, which is the area of town that our current location is in, so it's nice that we get to stay in the neighborhood! We will still be sharing the space with the owner of our current shop, Vintage Glory, except we are totally starting fresh with a new name, new ideas and a new look!

We get possession of the new space on November 1st, and we plan on doing some renovations to make the shop look extra pretty, so we should be opening our doors in mid November! We are officially signing the lease on Monday, but we are just bursting with excitement and couldn't wait til then to spill the beans!

Here is a closer photo of what the shop looks like now... (it's currently a cute retro-inspired convenience store) We love all of the potential for cute displays in the big windows!

Thanks for all of the support and kind words over the past couple weeks! It really lifted our spirits after hearing such disappointing news! We have the best readers, we love you guys! Be sure to stay tuned tomorrow when we share the second part of our good news! This week just keeps getting better & better! ;)

Happy weekend lovelies!


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