Later on this week we will be sharing a fun retro wall art D.I.Y., but in preparation for that little project we have been doing a bit of research into the wonderfully kitschy world of sixties wood art.

The following pieces are examples of a line of still life art made by the Illinois Moulding Company back in the sixties. Each plaque has a raised textured accent which was created by melting down bits of plastic to create a sort of "popcorn" effect. We are using the color combinations, shapes, and textures of these pieces as the inspiration for our own art. Keep your eyes peeled in the next few days for our D.I.Y. post, but in the mean time enjoy this dose of kitschy inspiration:
Love the different shapes in this one!

This is probably one of our favorite color combinations!

Love the over-exaggerated graphic shadows in this trio!

What about you, which one is your favorite?

All images found on the lovely blog


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