Stef and I both recently planted our herb gardens, and I found the standard labels to be down right boring once I re-planted them into cute pots! So I thought why not jazz some popsicle sticks up for a super fast and really easy DIY to show you guys?! Hope you like it! Happy Monday!
Craft paint in whatever colors you like, including white for the letters.
Paint brush.
A couple of toothpicks.
Popsicle sticks (we found wider ones at Michaels-our local craft store).
All you do is pick a pattern and brush it on! Easy peasy right? Don't forget to paint the back as well!
Next, use your toothpick and dip it in white paint and simply write on your herb names! 
Slow and steady wins the race! If you make a mistake, simply paint over it!
Let it dry for a bit...
...And then pop them in the dirt!
Here's my finished product!


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