This post is kind of deceiving. We realize that mod 60's looking dresses, often with drop waists are called scooter dresses, but this is mostly a moped-filled post! 
I bought a yellow 1970 Mobylette 2 years ago and I love her! It's a cheap and super fun way to get around! 
This is a shot of Derek and I on my moped from our wedding almost 2 years ago! 
Photo by Nils Vik

Side note-a moped is NOT a scooter. Just throwing that out there. Motor+pedals=moped. 
Here in Winnipeg, we have a pretty solid moped crew, and I can't wait to go on rides this Summer with them!
As far as wearing a dress on a moped goes, it's 100% do-able-take it from a girl that is normally caught in a dress. My advice? Comfort first! A little bit of stretch in your fabric never hurt anyone! The last thing you want is to feel restricted while riding! Also wearing a dress on a windy day? Worst idea.
Here's some of my favorite old moped photos as well as some dresses I think would be picture perfect for a ride!
one, two, three, four, five, six


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