We feel so proud to be able to introduce to you this talented bunch of ladies who are sponsoring us this month! We definitely recommend checking out their blogs/shops!

Hello! My name is Kinsey Mhire. I'm a photographer planted firmly in the Midwest and the author behind Sincerely, Kinsey. Sincerely, Kinsey is a blog that focuses on creative projects, photography, and fashion related posts.

Hi, I'm Elycia from the blog elycia. I am a crafty, vintage loving, cat lady living in Hamilton with my husband and our two kitties.

My name is Refine Lubis, I am from Singapore, I love social media so much because I found many inspiration from there. I blog mostly the things that I found very inspiring and interesting from the social media with others. I do love photography as well, especially iphoneography.

Our House Vintage and Design is a creation of Victoria Nicoll and features bright, playful jewelry and bow ties made from hand dyed feathers, recycled leather, and vintage accents.  Inspired equally by the whimsy of 60's mod and the sophistication of a 70's mom. I enjoy taking photos of puppies, gardening, color and design, vegan donuts, and troving sunny San Francisco for household wonders with my husband! Website coming soon, so you can keep up with my current adventures on Facebook and my Etsy shop <3

Hi!  My name is Chrissy and I am passionate about making jewelry, collecting vintage baubles, diy projects and so much more! I have an Etsy shop where I sell my handmade jewelry and I write a blog which chronicles all my passions through my journey as a wife, mom, self employed jewelry designer and teacher living a small town life!

Once upon a time there was a girl who liked vintage, sewing, books, and tea. By day Sophie is a Literature teacher and by night (and weekends of course) you can find her pottering around her little cottage creating beautiful chaos. Sophie delights in thrifting adventures, colorful typewriters, beautiful vintage dresses and dreams of being in Paris again.

P.S. Stay tuned later today for the announcement of the giveaway winner!


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