...We're coming for you! 
(I took this photo in Malaysia in 2007)
We could not be happier, seeing as how this was the Winter that seemed to have broken everyone in this city, so Stef and I decided to start looking for flights outta here in the Fall, and guess what? I found crazy cheap flights and we are leaving at the end of October for a few weeks! We fly to Beijing and then Bangkok and then we stop in Chicago for a night on the way home! We have been so spoiled being able to escape not only once, but usually two or three times a year to Thailand and beyond, for work. This year we decided to stay put and save our pennies instead (what a horrible idea!) so the thought of doing nothing but laying on a beach with a cold fruity drink in hand sounds like heaven! It's been a hard year and the ocean is just what we need right now.

Not only did we have the coldest (read: worst) Winter in almost 100 years, our Spring/Summer haven't been that much better. That said, after two weeks of non-stop rain and wind we finally caught a break and it's really starting to feel like Summer might actually show its' face!
I got on my bike as soon as I could!

Sunshine calls for a favorite bottle of wine and a comfy Summer look. 
You can buy this shirt here.

Rusty sure knows how to party. Just turn whatever you're holding, into a guitar. Problem solved.

There is nothing like a true Mennonite Summer feast of watermelon and rollkuchen with brown sauce!
Rollkuchen is simply the most amazing deep-fried dough (it tastes similar to a doughnut) and the sauce is a sinful combination of 2 parts brown sugar to 1 part whipping cream. A-mazing.

XO, Erin


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