Today I visited spacepop, a vintage store/design center on San Pablo Avenue in north Berkeley.  I've been wanting to visit the store for several weeks.  I had heard some great things about it and really liked their website.  When I got there, I went to the place next door by mistake and found a fabulous vintage clothing store, Far and Few.  I told them that I would be back.  I went next door to spacepop and introduced myself to Raymond, who was at the front desk.  He told me that spacepop was a collective as well as a place to exhibit art.  Raymond gave me a tour and then left me on my own.  I tried to capture a little bit of everything and think I was successful.  I know you will enjoy the photographs.

I also spent time next door at Far and Few.  The store is a hidden treasure, as one of the customers told me.  It is crammed with dresses, skirts, jackets and tops.  I saw a beautiful gold metal purse with shoes to match.  I also tried on a vintage bowler hat that was only $20.  It was definitely a temptation.  Well, here are the photos of this fun trip.  Toni

P.S.: Tomorrow I am going to the Alameda Antique Fair to find costumes.  Hope you will check it out!

 Welcome to spacepop
owned by Czelena & Jack
1645 San Pablo Ave.
Berkeley, CA  94702
 A view of the store

 Raymond welcomes you to spacepop
 Glorious glassware
 Please sit down

 Warhol posters
 Keith Haring on the wall
 King of Pop

 A quiet corner at spacepop

 Please sit down

 Far and Few 
owned by Jessie Foster
1643 San Pablo Ave.
Berkeley, CA 94702

 A view of the store

 Beautiful metal purse

 Vintage purses

 Hats, hats & more hats

 Leather trench coat
 Cinderella platforms
 Silver slippers
 1970's platform boots


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