I haven't been to the Alameda Antique Fair since before Christmas when I was looking for gifts under $25.  Last Sunday, I returned to Alameda searching for costumes.  I had no idea what I would find and was so excited to see the jacket below that may be from the revolutionary war.  It was in surprisingly good condition, so it may have been living in someone's costume collection.  I walked the entire flea market, which took more than 3 hours.  There was a lot to see, but I tried to concentrate on finding costumes and vintage clothes.  I was amazed how many costumes and beautiful vintage pieces I was able to find.  The highlights included a vintage English travel bag that used to be owned by Ginger Rogers.  The bag was out of my price range ($650), but there was a cheaper version for only $75 that was very cute.  Its owner told me she kept the price higher because she really wanted to keep it.  I also saw a 1950's Gucci purse for only $50.  I wish I had bought it. It was very tempting and I rather regret that I passed on it.  Oh well, that's the way it goes sometimes. Enjoy the photos!  Toni

 18th century jacket

 Gorgeous kimono
 H.S. band jacket
 Surf's Up
 Quilted purses
 Fringed jacket $10

 Acres of vintage clothes - most under $10

 19th century saddle bags
 Mid-century modern chest for costumes

 Ready to ride
 Vintage Coach briefcase ($75)

 Purses, purses, purses

 Vintage Jeff Beck poster
 Ready for prom

 1940's shoes

 Black velvet cape with feather collar
 Cheerleading costume from Lowell H.S.

 Mid-century trailer for those weekend get-aways

 1960's Bobbie Brooks bathing suit
 Vintage Gucci purse ($50)
 Vintage baby carrier
 Sexy lacy cocktail dress

 1970's granny bridal gown

 Costume bracelets

 1950's-60's shoes
 Travel bag formerly owned by Ginger Rogers ($650)

Travel bag ($75) 
 Kelly bag

 Child's beaded jacket and Indian baskets
 Sgt. Pepper jacket
 Fringed one-piece bathing suit
 Matching kimonos
 Glitter gold evening dress
 Mixing it up

 Early 1900's blouse
 19th century hot pink jacket
 Another vintage jacket needing tender loving care


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