Since we are mentally already in travel mode, we thought we would share some photos of gorgeous places that we wish we could visit one day. Seriously, there are so many beautiful and interesting cities and towns to explore in the world, I don't even know where to start! Just take a gander at some of these dreamy destinations:

Gah! All of these gorgeous pastel buildings are what dreams are made of.

Whoa. This looks like pretty much the most relaxing thing ever.

Heart pathway? Sign me up!

So many incredible rugs, so little time.

Wow, that view isn't something you see everyday (especially here in Winnipeg, ha.)

In love with these narrow cobblestone streets.

The mecca of MCM and all things dreamy.

My gosh, these flowers! Is this real life?!

What about you guys? Do you have any inspiring destination recommendations for us? We would absolutely love to hear em!


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