Last Sunday, I took a vintage trip up Highway 101 north of Santa Rosa to Healdsburg, which is in the heart of wine country in Sonoma County.  It is a cute town and has more wine bars than most towns in the U.S.  Just outside Healdsburg is beautiful countryside with wineries everywhere.  It amazes me that any of them can make money since there must be so much competition.  But Sonoma County is famous for wine, so guess there is some for everybody.

Before going to Healdsburg, I stopped in the tiny town of Windsor and found a delightful consignment boutique, My Chic Boutique, owned by Lisa Marin.  This store has new and consignment items as well as some very pretty vintage jewelry.  I bought a beautiful crystal necklace with two strands of green and blue tinted crystals from the 1950's.  She also had other necklaces, pins and clip-on earrings.  Lisa is starting a traveling boutique and will be booking parties.  If interested, contact her.

A short distance down the freeway we were in Healdsburg.  This town is built around a square and there are many wine bars, but not too many restaurants.  I visited Favorites, a consignment store that has been operating for 20 years.  Favorites was mostly consignment, but did have some nice vintage shoes and they had quite a big collection of shoes.  There were a lot people shopping there and it seemed like a very popular store.  My last stop in Healdsburg was Shoffeitt's Off the Square Collective.  This store was mostly antiques, but did have a small collection of vintage clothes that I am sharing here.

My Chic Boutique
9121 Windsor Rd.
Windsor, CA

435 Center St.
Healdsburg, CA

Shoffeitt's Off the Square Collective
208 Healdsburg Ave.
Healdsburg, CA

Scenes from Sonoma, CA


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