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We just wanna wish a happy Thanksgiving to all of our Canadian readers out there! In a perfect world we would both be in our kitchens baking homemade pies right now but in reality we are feverishly getting ready to leave for our big trip tomorrow! Eep! So exciting! We did manage to squeeze some quality family time in over the weekend, so it's all good! 

We just want to take a minute and let you guys know how thankful we are for your continual support of our blog and our business. We literally could not be doing this without you, and we appreciate every single one of you soo much. So thank YOU. You guys seriously rule.

We have a lot of exciting new ideas and a bit of a new direction for our blog/business that we are excited to start working once we get back from our trip in the new year. We will definitely be sharing them with you soon.

We also just want to let our family and friends know how thankful we are to have them be a part of our lives. You guys are our backbones and we definitely wouldn't be where we are now doing what we love if it wasn't for your unconditional love and support. We love you guys!

Hope you all are having a wonderful Thanksgiving (or just a fantastic Monday for that matter.)
Lots of love from us to you,
Stef & Erin 

Psst.... even if it's not Thanksgiving today in your country, it doesn't hurt to let someone know you are thankful to have them in your life, hey? ;)


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