Aloha! I went out yesterday to visit 5 second-hand stores in Honolulu, all in varying degrees of consignment of high end merchandise. There were massive amounts of designer bags, wallets, luggage, shoes from Chanel, Michael Kors, Gucci, you name it. I've never found so many Manolo Blahnik and Coach shoes in one spot, all in the $120-135 range and most in excellent condition. Thank god the shoes didn't fit. 

I took a few photos, my favorite being the first one at 
1. The Clothes Chick (415 Kapahulu, www.theclotheschick.comno email). She's showcasing her designer bags in Aloha style ~ barefoot!
2. Glam Rok (449 Kapahulu, no website, no email), was a little hole in the wall with some amazing things in a small space.
3. Consignment Corner (4218 Waialae, had a nondescript storefront, but the interior held major treasures.
4. Pzazz [only 1 vowel] (4211 Waialae, was bright and sunny and fun, with every rack and every shelf holding marvels of someone's great travels and haute couture. Bliss was behind the counter and embodied Hawaiian spirit with her cheerful enthusiasm and expert knowledge of her wares. 
5. Paris Station (4211 Waialae, was run by a young girl with no authority to give permission for photos, but her shop was a veritable museum of designer goods in a most beautiful, artistic display.

I ended my afternoon with a gorgeous wool sheath and my new favorite outfit ~ a beautiful floral skirt from one shop and a matching pure silk, orange blouse from another, all for less than $50 total. 


Aloha Toni


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