I think that one of my favorite things to do in life is host a dinner party for my close friends and family. I love doing everything from preparing the meal to picking the perfect centerpiece. I'm always looking for different ideas and new ways to change up my table and place settings so I thought I would share some pretty ideas with you for your next dinner party:

If you are dining outdoors, stick poles or sticks into the ground and hang lights above the table. Once the sun sets it will give off the prettiest light and create a beautiful ambiance.

Write the menu for the evening on a paper bag with a mini baguette inside. This is a fun way to let your guests know what delicious treats you have in store for them.

Use old medicine bottles or liquor bottles for vases. The more variety, the better.

Use an old typewriter to type out your place cards and pin them to wine glasses using mini clothespins.

Set your table with a pretty tablecloth and off-set the boldness of the print with neutral dishes. Also, use complimentary food for centerpieces like tomatoes or apples.

I also love this centerpiece idea: A long skinny piece of wood (or even a tray) filled with a line of tealights. So simple and also very practical because it doesn't block your guests' sight line across the table. Not to mention tealights are great for setting the mood..

Keep some of these ideas in mind when planning your next get-together!


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