It's no secret that both Stef and I love a good collar! We know that a peter pan collar, or any oversized collar can be over the top in the cute factor and sometimes it's nice to not feel like we're dressing like 5 year olds, but who are we kidding, sometimes we just can't help ourselves! After perusing Etsy, we thought it fitting to show you our favorites out there at the moment! Prepare to fall in love! 
This is by far our favorite collar to date! I need to learn how to sew so that I can recreate this collar!

A little lady-like neck tie on this vintage dress.

This one is petal-perfect! This shop has so many cute dresses we would love to get our hands on!

There is a pattern for this adorable dress here!

This yellow bow is the perfect add on to a classic black and white dress.

How fun is this collar!?

The perfect dress for a garden'd blend right in!

A little flower power never hurt anybody, right?

Imagine showing up to a party in this little number! All eyes would definitely be on you!

Such a girly dress!

A little nautical love thrown in for good measure!



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