Wow guys, I can't believe that it's already May 1st! Not only does that mean that summer is just around the corner but it also means that I have exactly one month to get everything packed up and ready to move into my new place! Eep! A month may seem like a long time, but when it comes down to it I know that time will fly by way quicker than I anticipate. (Doesn't it always?)

I had briefly talked about the fact that we are moving a few weeks ago, but now that the time has come to start packing up it definitely seems like more of a reality. It is sort of bittersweet because a part of me is pretty sad that I will be leaving the house that I have lived in for the past 6 years (and that has been in my family for almost 70 years), but I am also really excited for the challenge of making a new house into our home. It is also exciting to think about starting fresh when it comes to decorating; don't get me wrong, I still love having a vintage aesthetic in my decor, but I do plan on doing it with a bit of a different twist this time. Our new house is older than our current house (it was built in 1939) and is very much a character home filled with lots of original architectural details (which I absolutely loooove!) It is such a gorgeous, well-built house and I want to try to enhance it's beauty rather than pack it full of a million different trinkets and bulky furniture, ultimately hiding any special details. I think it's safe to say that I will have a big spring cleaning session in my future!

I have a folder on the desktop of my computer where I am constantly saving photos of interior inspiration and new ideas, so I thought it might be fun to share some of my ideas for my new bedroom with you today:

Let me paint you a bit of a picture of what our new house looks like so you can envision what I am planning on doing: first off, I think that our new house sort of has a cottage-like feel to it, I can't really pinpoint why that is, but every time I am there I feel like I have been transported back in time to an old cottage in the English countryside. There is just something so tranquil about it that I really want to try to embrace when it comes time to make decisions on decorating. So I decided to try to incorporate some of that rustic feeling into the decor along with my staple vintage pieces.

- Black and white photos: I love the look of how the old neutral photographs pop against the bright color of the wallpaper. There is just something so magical about old black and white photographs.

- Wrought iron bed frame: Our current bed frame is a teak-colored, angular wood frame and I have personally just grown tired of looking at such a heavy piece of furniture in my bedroom (especially considering that our new house doesn't have a huge master bedroom either, so maximizing space is a priority.) I also just love the rustic country feel that the old wrought iron bed frames have and how much more open and airy they look compared to my chunky wood one. We also have a beautiful wrought iron staircase leading to the second floor of the house so I think it would be great to play up that feature.

-Vintage floral print wallpaper: Not gonna lie guys, I'm pretty surprised that I don't have any wallpaper in my current home. What's wrong with me?! This is something that I have always had a soft spot for so I am pretty shocked that I have never incorporated any of it into my house. (Okay, that's a lie, I did once when I first moved out when I was like 20, but it was ultra-modern looking and not exactly what I am talking about here.) So yes, this time around I really want to work some into my decorating. I am thinking of just doing one feature wall in my bedroom (perhaps the window wall?) with a pretty floral wallpaper and then just painting the rest of them a soft complimentary tone and having nice neutral bedding with pretty throw pillows. Mmm... that sounds pretty perfect right about now.

Anyways, that's all I have for you at the moment, but I will be sure to keep you posted on the progress! Many 'before photos' have been taken and I'm so excited for the day that everything is done and I'm ready to share the 'after photos' with you! 

XO, Stef

photo sources: (clockwise from top left)
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