Wow, you guys!! Words cannot express how blown away we are from your overwhelming show of support for our project with MTV Canada & Sony Xperia that we announced yesterday! Thank you so much! We seriously have the best readers! Now it's our chance to give back to you! If you participate in our Instamission you are automatically entered for a chance to win a brand new Sony Xperia Smartphone as well as a $4000 travel voucher! Woo woo! Curious? Here's the low down:

It's pretty simple really. MTV Canada and Sony Xperia teamed up to create a series of fun Instagram Missions to inspire people to be creative and have fun with Smartphone photography. Our mission is "Full Colour" so basically we are looking for people to find inspiration in the bright colourful beauty in everyday life and capture it on Instagram. Be sure to hashtag all of your entries with #MTVfullcolour and at the end of this three week project we will pick our favorite entry to win a new Sony Xperia Smartphone and also an amazing $4000 travel voucher for an adventure of a lifetime! Yay!

Pretty rad hey? For more details and rules and regulations be sure to check out:

To get you inspired we thought we would share a few behind-the-scenes shots from our weekend filming with MTV:
As we said earlier we had three primary locations for shooting the film, one of which was at my house! The timing was a little bit tricky for that because I had already packed up my entire living room in preparation for my move, so everything had to be unpacked and re-set up the for the shoot but hey, you do what you gotta do! (especially for MTV!) All of the film that was shot in my house turned out so amazing so I am definitely glad that it worked out!

Next we did some filming with our trailer which was brought out of hibernation for the first time this year! Awh, we missed our little Olive. We picked some of our favorite vintage pieces from our personal collections to make the shelving displays (so no, unfortunately those items aren't for sale!) Thankfully the weather co-operated with us so we were able to get some great shots both inside and outside the trailer. 

And last but not least, of course we did some filming in our vintage shop! We had the store closed for the first half of the day so we could tackle our interviews without any interruptions but by mid-afternoon we opened up to the public and got some really great footage of the shop in action. Whew! It was a total whirlwind of a weekend but we had the greatest time working with all of the MTV Crew. They were so relaxed and fun that it made shooting a total breeze! 

Just in case you are still a bit unsure of what type of photos we are looking for with our Instamission, our good friend and fellow blogger, Andrew Chipman, got together with us and made a great post for the MTV Fora blog about what it is like to live in Full Colour. Be sure to read his lovely how-to post!

Alright friends, now go out, have fun and be creative! Best of luck to you! 
May the brightest and cheeriest photo win!!

XO, Stef & Erin


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