What a day it was yesterday to go to the Alameda Flea Market.  It’s November, but in the 70’s in the Bay Area, so it was the perfect day to walk around in summer clothes and photograph beautiful vintage clothes.  As I said before, the time to get there is 9:00 a.m. in order to get into the flea market for only $5 and to see everything without rushing.  The place is huge and it takes at least 3 hours (not counting eating lunch) to see everything.  This time, I did not take my own advise and got there at 11:30 and the parking lot was full.  I luckily found a parking space and then took the (air conditioned) shuttle to to the entrance.

My usual method for tackling the size of this flea market is to walk to the back and then zigzag through the many rows.  This time I took another route and started with the first row and worked my way back.  My first stop was at a stall that had 2 large tables of designer purses piled on top of each other.  Digging through the piles, I found a black leather Louis Vuitton purse for $30.  I’m not 100% sure that it is authentic, but it is beautiful and I’m giving it to Mama Fran for Christmas.

Then I strolled through the flea market row-by-row, photographing everything that took my fancy.  I wanted my readers to get the feel of the place, so hopefully I was successful.  I’m amazed how well the photographs came out considering the amount of sun and glare that was everywhere.  The flea market was as fun and festive as ever and getting into the holiday spirit.  There were a lot of vendors selling Christmas ornaments, etc.  By the next one (first Sunday in December), it will be in full swing.

I met some really nice vendors that I want to mention, including Maria Crooms who had an excellent collection of hats and vintage purses.  She is on Facebook, so check her out.  I also met Debra Rose who also sells vintage purses and Julie and John Vintage who had some fabulous vintage jewelry.  I finally want to mention Kate Dohn, owner of Story Teller Vintage (www.storytellersvintage.etsy.com, storytellersvintage@gmail.com) and  Tracy, owner of Roads Less Travelled Vintage (www.etsy.com/shop/roadslesstraveled2) .  Both of these vendors combine their collections of clothes, purses and shoes that span the 1930’s to the 1990’s.   Their clothes and accessories are both interesting and beautiful.  Please check out both Kate and Tracy on etsy.

The next Alameda Flea Market is Sunday December 2nd, so try to make it and have fun shopping! 

 Louis Vuitton champagne bag
 Venders & shoppers
 Walking the flea market

 Floral embroidered purse Maria Crooms
 Pink & white beaded purse Maria Crooms
 Gorgeous gold & turquoise (Chinese) vintage purse Maria Crooms
Black sexy, strapless dress with faux fur collar

 Gold purse and jewelry from Maria Crooms
Vendor Maria Crooms

 Louis Vuitton purses
 Fun jewelry to pick through
 Piles of designer purses
 Fran's Louis Vuitton purse ($30) found in the above pile
 Flea market shoppers

Mens' Dept.

 Mink stole and holiday wreath

 Neon flashy jacket

 How cute is this?
 Shoppers with white Port of Oakland cranes in the background
 View of San Francisco in the background
 Vintage purse heaven from Debra Rose
 Vintage purse heaven from Debra Rose
 Vintage purse heaven from Debra Rose
 Black cashmere sweater and velvet pumps
Vender Debra Rose

 Vintage purses from Debra Rose
 Unusual black patten leather purse rom Debra Rose
 Fur coat & home accessories

 Sherlock Holmes wool overcoat
 Black velvet cloak with faux fur trim
 Salvaged Glamour
 Purses & shoppers
 Leopard print swing coat
 Original jewelry
 Vendors John & Julie Vintage
 Renoir & Marc Jacobs
 Purses, purses & more purses

 Short black velvet jacket over white blouse
 Hot black riding boots
 Brown 1940's fitted suit for the office
Fantasy wedding dress
 Double breasted jacket with mink collar
 Vintage I.Magnin jacket
 Such cute shoes - can't decide which pair I like better
 Cip-on earrings
 1930's lace-up heels by Ombeline
 Silver leather woven purse
 Story Teller Vintage Roads Less Travelled Vintage (1930-s - 1990's)
 Story Teller Vintage Roads Less Travelled Vintage
 Vendors Tracy & Kate of Story Teller Vintage Roads Less Travelled Vintage
Vintages shoes from Story Teller Vintage Roads Less Travelled Vintage
Vintages shoes from Story Teller Vintage Roads Less Travelled Vintage 
 1960's pink prom dress & school girl outfit
 Little black dress & matching cowgirl shirt
 Hot pink suit
 Lime green gown

 Black feather fan
 Gender bender leather jacket

 Military chic
 Mannequin with an attitude
 The Elvis Center
 Fringed vest 
 Miles of vintage clothes
 Black faux fur evening jacket
 Colorful briefcases
 Vintage Coach shoulder bag
 Grandma's pink dressing gown

 Straw purse with shells
 Small embroidered purses
The hint of things to come


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