When we were in Asia we bought a lot of stuff for our shop, but of course we also snuck in a few purchases for ourselves! There is just too much cute stuff out there that is virtually impossible to resist! Here are a few of our favorite purchases from abroad:

*I know many of you have asked us where exactly we got all of these items but the majority of them were purchased at random vendors on the streets and in markets. Sorry we can't be more specific friends!*

Stef's favorite finds are:
a double collared blouse, a pair of yellow flats with tiny polka dots and bows, a Moonrise Kingdom inspired peter pan collared dress, a bunch of wool hats, a cute vintage floral print dress, a mustard colored purse, an adorable red polka dot dress, and a pair of tights with heart patches on the knees!

Erin's favorite finds are:
A striped mustard & cream dress with cute collar, a blue sailor-esque polka dotted dress, a mustard dress with black dots and a cute double collar with a bow, a longsleeved dress with pink circle print, a blouse with two tone scallops, a red and black dress with yet another adorable collar, a blue floral dress with scallops, and a mint colored button up blouse!


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