I just got back from visiting my family in the Mother Lode this weekend and took some very cool photographs of vintage and designer clothes, hats, jewelry, purses and shoes in Sonora and the nearby town of Jamestown.  My mom, Fran, once again helped me with displaying some of these beautiful things.  I arrived on Friday afternoon and took Fran out to lunch at our favorite place, Legends, an antique coffeehouse/bookstore on South Washington Street in Sonora.  After iced mochas and sandwiches, we headed out to find some very cool vintage clothes to photograph.  Our first stop was Runway Xchange (115 S. Washington St., Sonora, CA, 209-532-9990,  RunwayXchange@att.net, F/RunwayXchange).  This store is owned by Lauralee Whitman and managed by Allison, who I featured in my last blog on Mother Lode vintage.  I love this store because they have upscale consignment/designer clothes at very reasonable prices.  I found many beautiful things to photograph and we both found things to buy, including a (little) black, transparent dress.

Next stop was another favorite of mine, Occasion Station (157 S. Washington St., Sonora, CA, 209-533-2400) owned by Casie Schornick.  Occasion Station has both used designer clothes and vintage clothes, hats, jewelry and purses.  Casey told me that they are opening up the back of the store for costumes.  So the next time I visit, I'm hoping to see gorgeous costumes and will share them with you.  A few doors down from Occasion Station is the Antique Den (163 S. Washington St., Sonora, CA, 209-533-1012), which is mostly an antique store, but also has costumes in the back.  These costumes include some very antique clothes, including a woman's bathing costume from the early 1900's and some tea-dance-type dresses.  They also have a great collection of mannequin heads and wigs.  Our final stop on Friday was a visit to Trade Winds (63 S. Washington St., Sonora, CA, 209-588-8810, www.tradewindsconsignment.com) another upscale consignment store worth visiting if you come up here on vacation.  It is managed by Debbie Sholer who showed me a great selection of dresses and evening bags from the 1950's.

On Saturday, Fran and my sister, Marcee, took me to an estate sale on Phoenix Lake Road, which is outside of Sonora.  We tried to get there early, but there was already a crowd.  The clothes here were nothing to scream about, so we headed to Jamestown, which is close to Sonora and has a lot of antique stores.  I visited Time Travelers (18138 Main St., Jamestown, CA, 209-984-6551) and Jamestown Mercantile (18255 Main St., 209-984-5148).  We found some interesting vintage clothes in these stores, which I am also sharing.  Enjoy!

Fran at Legends Coffeehouse
 Legends Coffeehouse
 Runway Xchange
 1950's leather shoulder purse at Runway Xchange
 Marilyn-esque red dress at Runway Xchange
 Off the shoulder green evening dress at Runway Xchange
 Black lace-up boots at Runway Xchange
 Allison, manager of Runway Xchange
 Woven clutch bag at Runway Xchange
 Red dress by Moschino at Runway Xchange
 Jean jacket and yellow-print dress at Runway Xchange
 Lauren suede pants at Runway Xchange
 Matching Marc Jacobs blouse at Runway Xchange
 Pink Tibi fantasy coat ($128) at Runway Xchange
 Red lace-up blouse at Runway Xchange
 My little black dress from Runway Xchange
 Vintage purses and matching shoes at Occasion Station
 Vintage hats at Occasion Station
 Gloves and silve slippers at Occasion Station
 Vintage jewelry at Occasion Station
 Casey, owner of Occasion Station
 Gold lame gown & matching purse at Occasion Station
 Vintage pins at Occasion Station
 Feather evening jacket at Occasion Station
 Red evening gown at Occasion Station
 Lace 1950's/60's dress at Occasion Station
 Red 1960's Mrs. Cleaver dress at Occasion Station
 White satin pumps at Occasion Station
 Child's white party dress at Occasion Station
 Feather hat to die for at Occasion Station
 Wig display at Antique Den
 California emigrant costume at Antique Den
 Tuxedo coat with gold buttons at Antique Den
 Fran with red 1960's fringed vest at Antique Den
 Early 1900's bathing costume at Antique Den
 Antique Den
 Glow modeling black gloves at Antique Den
 View of Antique Den on S. Washington Street
 Debbie Sholer, manager at Trade Winds
 Coach sandals ($60) at Trade Winds
 Brown wool mini skirt at Trade Winds
 Marc Jacobs pants at Trade Winds
 Trade Winds
 Black beaded purse at Trade Winds
 White beaded purse ($20) at Trade Winds
 Green 1950's dress ($15.33) at Trade Winds
 Pink Sweet 16 dress & black stole at Trade Winds
 1940's pink satin gown at Trade Winds
 Yellow lacy 1960's dress at Trade Winds

 Estate sale we visited - Fran wanted to buy the house
 Estate sale
 Mannequin heads wearing vintage hats at Time Travelers
 1950's red & white apron at Time Travelers
 Black fur jacket at Time Travelers
 Alien with vintage purses at Time Travelers
 Mink stole and ceramic chicken at Time Travelers
 Marcee with antique cup at Time Travelers
 Black fur coat at Time Travelers
 Vintage nightgown at Time Travelers
 Time Travelers
 Early 1900's tea gown with pink sash at Time Travelers
 Early 1900's tea gown with pink sash at Time Travelers
 Vintage hat at Jamestown Mercantile
Mannequin in tea gown with fox stole in Jamestown


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