Anna Karina was a popular Danish model/actress living in Paris in the 1960's. You might know her from French films such as A Woman is a Woman (1961), Vivre sa vie (1962), and Alphaville (1965). Not only was she a talented young starlet, but she also had am incredible sense of style and natural beauty. We definitely consider her to be a big style muse of ours, and we plan on taking inspiration from her when cultivating our fall/winter wardrobes! Here are a few reasons why we find her look so inspiring: 

1. She knows how to pull off the perfect bob. This is a classic style that we are both huge fans of.

2. She also knows how to rock a pretty awesome beehive up-do. We love having a bit of volume in our hair with a good top knot or back-combed bump, but the height on this hairdo really takes the cake!

3. We are big suckers for anything with a bit of a nautical influence, and this outfit hits the nail on the head!

4. Bold prints & bright colors. Yes yes yes! You don't get much more sixties than that!

5. Love the sultry cat-eye look. Our make-up bags are never complete without a good, black, liquid eyeliner.

Anna Karina, you are one beautiful woman.

footnote: all images were found via google images and information via IMDB.


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