Here is a step-by-step guide to applying eye makeup to achieve those iconic sixties looks that we all know and love!

Step 1: Start by dusting white eye shadow on your eye lid in and stopping at the crease. Extend the shadow a little bit into the inner corner of your eye (the corner that is closest to your nose.)
Step 2: Line the inside rim of your bottom lashes with a white eye pencil. This little trick makes the eyes appear wider!
Step 3: Using a fine brush, dust the black shadow into the crease above the white eye shadow in the shape of a half moon. You can dust the black a bit above the crease as well for a deeper more defined look.
Step 4: Next, use a black pencil to line the top lash line as close to the eyelashes as possible, then go over that same line with a liquid black liner. The pencil acts as a base coat and makes the liquid liner easier to apply and helps it to last longer!
Step 5: Time for the most important part - the false lashes! Apply a thin line of eyelash glue to the lashes and use tweezers to carefully apply them to the upper lash line. Ensure that you allow them to properly dry and then give your top lashes a coat of black lengthening mascara to blend them in with the false lashes.
Step 6: If you are going for a really bold look you could also apply a smaller set of false eyelashes to the bottom lash line as well. Another option would be to apply a few coats of black mascara, and then carefully draw a few extra lashes along the bottom lash line using black liquid liner. Work slowly and add a few short downward strokes.
Step 7: Now for brows. Tweeze away any stray hairs but don't over pluck your brows because you want nice full brows. Next, using a brow filler that is slightly darker than your hair color, use small upward strokes to fill them in. You don't need to go overboard with the filler, you just want a nice defined brow line. Finally, dust a little bit of the white eye shadow underneath your eyebrows to highlight your brow bone.

You did it!
All of these products were found on Sephora's website, or you can take a closer look here:

Enjoy a fun night on the town with your new mod look!

Footnote: make-up information found here and twiggy photo found here.


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