"Great Ball of Fire!" is a film about Jerry Lee Lewis' rise to stardom! Made in 1989 it stars Dennis Quaid, who plays Jerry Lee Lewis, and a young Winona Ryder who plays Jerry Lee's young love interest, Myra. The film is set in 1956 so there are plenty of great retro furniture, clothing, and vehicle shots, which we are total suckers for!

Here is a brief summary of the plot:
It's a classic story of girl meets boy...

The boy is a very talented aspiring musician, which makes the girl even more infatuated by him...

They fall in love...

They get married despite the fact that she's only 13 years old! Eep!

The newlyweds move into a pink and blue 1950's dream home! Hands down, my favorite scene in the movie is when Myra goes shopping in a department store for furniture! Gah! She is buying everything her little heart desires and is literally throwing money at all of the sales clerks. Absolutely everything in that scene is to die for! What we wouldn't give to walk into a store that looked like that! 

This movie is packed full of pretty vintage cars and cute drive-ins, so it is definitely a treat for the eyes! However, it also does get into the downside of fame a little bit, and your heart does go out to poor young naive Myra. It is a very entertaining movie though!

Happy viewing!

footnote: all images were taken as screen shots from the movie.


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