This is one of my favorite places to window shop and find good deals.  The Alameda Flea Market aka Alameda Point Antiques Faire (, 510-522-7500) is on the Island of Alameda on an old Navy air base.  It is HUGE - about the length of an airport runway.  There is loads of parking, but you have be prepared to walk about a quarter mile to the entrance of the flea market.  They do have shuttles, but they're not too regular - so wear comfortable shoes.  I would also suggest bringing a hat because it's right on the water.  Even if it starts out foggy, the sun will come out and then you will appreciate the hat.  However, there's loads of vintage hats to buy there, so either way you'll be covered.

Another interesting thing about this flea market, is the entrance fee.  If you're a truly an antique collector or buyer, you can show up early (6:00 - before 7:30) and pay $15.  You will have first pick of everything there.  If you don't like getting up that early, you can show up at 7:30 until 9 and pay $10.  The rest of us come sometime after 9 and pay only $5.  It really depends upon how serious you are.

Once inside the gate, I walked all the way to the back, checking vintage clothes, purses and shoes along the way.  I saw a vendor from the Treasure Island Flea Market.  She liked the blog, but reminded me that I had put in the wrong name.  I told her I would rectify it.  She is actually Lisa Stiles-Holms of Have Pitty? (, 916-835-6584).  Proceeds from the sale of her beautiful vintage clothes go to help to animals.  Lisa has some gorgeous vintage couture items.

Once in the back, which borders on the San Francisco Bay, I started walking up and down the long rows of vintage everything.  I couldn't resist photographing other things besides clothes.  It is a vintage shopper's heaven and it is easy to get very distracted.  Many things are pricey, but the vendors do negotiate.  And there are actually ATM machines inside the flea market.

Some other vendors that I met yesterday that I'd like to mention include Arturo Torres (408-417-4379) who displayed his fantastic black leather jacket.  He also had a 1960's full length leather and faux fur coat that was stunning.  The Vintagerie owned by Courtney Jordan (, The, 843-425-3845) that had the best collection of 1950's hats and purses. Courtney recently relocated up to the Bay Area from Los Angeles.  

Towards the end of my journey through the flea market (a few hours later), I ambled by another familiar stall.  I actually featured some of The Window Lady's interesting, original clothes in my last blog from Treasure Island.  Janay Rose, The Window Lady (, 510-326-6324) has a wide variety of vintage clothes, shoes, purses, etc., but she also has original clothes that she's designed that are a combination of 19th century and 21st century whimsy.   She's camera shy, but definitely wanted me to give her some mention.  Her original clothes were my favorite.

Finally, on my towards the exit, I found one more gem - Christina Evans' The Empty Wardrobe (,  Christina has designed very original, shorts from vintage pants.  Well, you'll see what I mean.


1960's faux fur coat for those cool, foggy nights

French shoes

The long walk to the back of the flea market

1950's ball gowns

Vintage shopper trying on shoes

Brown bomber jacket

Greek food at the Ultimate Souvlaki

More food carts

Lisa Stiles-Holms of Have Pitty?

Couture bathing suits from Have Pitty?

Boots at Have Pitty?

The ultimate off-white evening jacket at Have Pitty?

Sleeping vintage shopper on a brass bed

2-piece knit and beaded sweater set

Black overcoat and goggles

Black velvet Mexican dress from Puebla

Brown 1950's Marilyn dress

It's hard to see but the City is on the other side of that strip of blue

 Scenes of the Alameda Flea Market

More & more purses

Faux fur & leather coat

Arturo and his wild, black leather jacket

Vintage Coach purse $160

Purple & black party fantasy dress

Vendor displaying a messenger bag from WWI

Purses and doll

The Vintagerie

1950's hats from The Vintagerie

Red & clear plastic pumps from The Vintagerie

 Purse, pumps & cat glasses
Fitted dress & green hat

Sgt. Pepper bright red jacket

18th century yellow jacket costume

 Flowered hat
Hiding behind her hair at The Window Lady

Vintage & modern at The Window Lady

Modern whimsy at The Window Lady

Hat & scarf at The Window Lady

Plenty of vintage to choose from at The Window Lady

Jewels, purses & hats

These hot boots definitely go with the top & belt above

The ultimate wedding dress

Dolls wearing hats

Dolls and admirer with headphones

Striped dress and vintage bathing suits

Black, beaded tee-strap pumps

 Captain's hat
Shirley doll head with brown, wool hat

The Empty Wardrobe

Leopard print shorts and sheer-flower top & belt at The Empty Wardrobe

Paisley shorts at The Empty Wardrobe

Petticoat and necklaces

Green evening gown & necklace

Art Deco head & perfume bottles

Louis Vuitton purse $275


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