This is a super easy and even more delicious drink recipe!
All you do is throw all of the ingredients into a pitcher, add some ice, and voila!

The ingredients above make one giant pitcher, or two smaller batches. As far as the vodka goes, we used 6 ounces in a small pitcher (or half batch), but it's up to you as to how boozy you want to make it! Be careful because you can't taste how boozy it really is! For the sparkling lemonade, we used a $6 bottle from Safeway, and it is by the brand "Martinelli's Sparkling Prickly Passion Lemonade" and it is amazing!! 

This is the kind of recipe that you need to "wing it" and add more or less gingerale/lemonade depending on how sweet you like it. We like it pretty sweet, just a warning! On a really hot day you could cut up the watermelon and then put it in the freezer and then add to the drink right before you serve it. Yum! 

We hope you like it!


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