Summertime means that our vintage boutique is extra busy, which is fantastic! There have already been a few festivals downtown which have brought quite a few new faces through our doors and we have been having to constantly switch up our displays because items have been flying off the shelves! But no matter how busy we are, we still make it a priority to find time to pursue our own personal hobbies and projects. Owning your own business and running a blog is very time consuming, but we believe that it is very important to find a  good balance between work and personal time.

Here is a little peek into what we have both been up to during our free time:
A little update from Stef:

Now that the rainy season is finally over I have been spending as much time outside as possible! I've always dreamed about having a great backyard deck where I can have summer barbecues with my friends, and this year we are finally making it happen! Late last summer Emery built us a deck, but we ran out of warm weather before he got to finish building all of the benches and railings, so this year we got an early start on our little backyard makeover and things are looking great! We just put in a patio door onto our deck which, as nerdy as it may sound, I am beyond excited about! (more photos to come!) Emery also built me some planter boxes on the deck and I have been gardening up a storm filling them with rosemary, thyme, basil, peppermint, coriander, chives, chocolate mint, dill, and of course a few pretty flowers! There is something so satisfying about being able to pick fresh herbs that you grew yourself.

Of course I always find time for a bit of vintage treasure hunting! These are two of my latest favorite finds: that amazing retro floral scalloped dress (it is pretty much a combination of everything that I love), and that absolutely incredible 1960's bar, which is possibly one of my favorite things that I have ever thrifted. The bar top is coral laminate with little gold flecks throughout it and there is wood paneling along the front and on the sides. The stripes at the bottom are coral, cream, and brown padded vinyl panels, and there is also plenty of shelving on the back to store extra glasses and liquor bottles. Serious 1960's perfection, if you ask me. I just about had a heart attack when I stumbled upon it and knew immediately that I had to have it, even though I didn't really have room for it (but of course I made some!) When I host a special party this summer I plan on setting it up outside on the deck and making a bunch of mojitos using the fresh mint from my garden. I mean, how perfect would that be?

XO, Stef

A little update from Erin:

Like Stef, I am beyond thrilled that Summer is finally here! When I'm not at work I'm outside as much as physically possible whether that means riding my moped, sitting by the pool (in Rosenort where I grew up), planting herbs (which are surprisingly thriving!) or my latest project-fixing up my 1950's bicycle! More photos of that whole process in the next few weeks!

When I'm not outside soaking up the sun, I'm out thrifting! I've been out a lot in the past month and have found some really incredible treasures! The vintage dress in the top corner is proof of that! There is nothing more satisfying than finding a dreamy dress and having it fit like a glove! That was just the case with this beauty! For Father's Day my family went to Grand Forks, ND so that the boys could golf and the girls could hit up Target (seeing as how we don't have one quite yet)! After I filled up the trunk at Target I snuck off to some thrift stores as well as an antique shop, and found the most amazing pitcher and a set of mugs! They fit in just perfectly on my kitchen shelves, although I am running out of room! Last but not least I have been receiving some super fun mail including these straws that I ordered a few weeks ago! I can't wait to host a party or two this Summer and use up these cute straws!

All is well in the Thiessen residence, Summer is proving to be very good to us! I'm really really excited to be going to Folk Fest here in Winnipeg next week, and on a mini roadtrip with Derek for our anniversary,to Minneapolis to see this lovely friend, and then poof! Before I know it, Summer will be over! On that note, I'm outta here! 



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