I bought this bike 6 years ago for $25 at a Salvation Army here in Winnipeg and it has sat (un-rideable) as a display piece in my home since then! This Spring I finally decided to put a little pit of money into it and spent an evening giving it the much needed TLC that it deserved! 
I knew right away that I wanted to keep the original color since it's my very favorite color-orangey-red! The handlebars are my very favorite part but were in really rough and rusty shape! I decided that it needed a new seat, new tires and new grips, and other than that I just cleaned it up! 
I had a budget of $100 to fix her up, and I came in under budget!
Here's what she looked like before:
She was in pretty rough shape, but I saw so much potential!

As you can see, the handlebars were in really rough shape (see left) but I scrubbed them down with S.O.S. pads which took off 90% of the rust and then finished them off with a metal re-chrome paste that I bought at Canadian Tire for around $5.00! I'm super happy with the way they turned out!

Next I attacked this bad boy with the same products and it cleaned up perfectly!

Next came the fun task of taking the entire bike apart, starting with the busted up seat! 
After it was all apart I gave it a good scrub down, and even bust out a toothbrush to get a good clean!

I found the seat, handlebar grips and new tires on Amazon.
Tires: $14 They are sold out of the size I ordered but have other ones here.
Total cost: (including chrome paste and a box of S.O.S.) $60!

Not bad hey? She's still far from perfect, but she's ride-able and I love her to pieces!

xo, Erin


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