We are slowly settling into having an actual store that's not on wheels, but we've found ourselves missing our little Olive this week. 
We love our new home in Vintage Glory here in Winnipeg, but we almost feel as if it's too good to be true. We've worked really hard in the past few months to get to where we are now, but everything has just happened so fast we haven't even had time to really process all this change. 
We have both worked in retail for the past 6 years or so, and had gotten used to random schedules and late evening closing times. Now with our new store, we open at eleven and close at six everyday so we have the opportunity to enjoy our evenings, eat dinner at a reasonable time, and spend time with our husbands! What a treat! We feel as if we found some retail loophole! 
In less than a year we have started and developed our blog, launched our trailer, and made the tricky decision to quit our day jobs and make our dreams a reality! We always new that a brick and mortar shop was our long-term goal, but we had no idea it would happen so quickly! It truly is everything we could ever have imagined and more! We realize that we are super lucky, and live in a small city where this is possible, but people often flee to find something bigger and better, but we love where we are and can't imagine doing this anywhere else...except maybe on a beach somewhere ;)
For all of you creative lovelies out there, aspiring to do what you are passionate about, we encourage you! Yes, it's difficult, and money can be tight, but the feeling you get when you truly love what you do, is the biggest reward you could ever dream of!

Happy Saturday everyone!
xo Stefanie & Erin


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