We finally did it!
...We moved into our own shop yesterday!!! Yay!!! We are absolutely head over heels EXCITED  about this! It all still feels like a total dream! Not to mention that we have also had one of the most productive days of our entire lives! In fourteen hours we managed to re-tag and enter our entire clothing inventory, pack up all of our precious items, and transport them all to our new shop where we proceeded to unpack and merchandise them! Whew! Now we are exhausted... but in the best way possible!

For those of you who aren't up to speed with our current store situation, we will give you a quick refresher: we are moving into a local vintage shop here in Winnipeg where we will be taking over the women's and accessories section, while the current owner remains in charge of the menswear. Read more about the full story here.

So, when we walked into the store we were greeted with a completely blank canvas in the women's section, which means that the possibilities are endless for creating cute displays! Here are a few "before" shots we snapped after walking in the door and unloading our many suitcases:
Eek! So excited!! Stay tuned for "after" photos!

Lots of love from Albert Street,
Erin & Stef
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