Hi lovelies, my name is Jenna and I am a twenty-something married little lady that loves all things vintage! Vintage Fort is a place where I share sneak peeks of my life, post recipes, makeup tips, inspirations and anything else I might find unique. I'm fascinated by the blogger world, art, tattoos and culture. Don't forget to stop by Vintage Fort and say hello!

My name is Cara-Mia and I live in [very] southern California. My blog includes outfit posts, crafts I'm working on (mostly of the yarn variety), mini albums I make, thrift scores, photos of my collections, trips I take, and my daily life in general. I'm engaged to my best friend, so you'll occasionally find a wedding-related post in there.

The Veda House blog is an extension of what goes on in my vintage online shop, Market203. The blog houses all new product updates, DIY projects, sneak peeks inside thrifting trips and a whole lot of inspiration on how to give your own previously-loved items new life. More recently, the boy and I have been doing some traveling. Our adventures and travels have been documented. My little space of the internet is a labor of love and I’ve quickly become attached to all that it offers.

Inari is a crafty librarian living in Helsinki, Finland. She loves tea, photographing, little cafes and colorful things. She often wishes she were a cat, and taking naps is her favourite hobby. Through her blog Ikomi you can have a peek at her everyday life and silly adventures. She also shares journal inspiration, crafty projects, trifty finds and weekly colour charts.

I must admit that bios are always an absurdly overblown struggle, not just because I'm a bit of an introvert, but because I want The Automat to speak for itself.

The Automat is a modern-day vending machine stocked with past-day treasures, all carefully hand-picked with an eye for the awesome. It's about glamour, fun, and, above all, making everyday fabulous!

 My Etsy shop is an extension of my blog. I'm obsessed with mid-century housewares, and have acquired a collection too large for the confines of our home. Hence the hobby turned business venture. Also, crafting is my therapeutic outlet! I put my whole heart into the quality and design of my unique yoyo flower headbands, many of which are made with vintage fabrics & buttons.

I am a twenty-something year old stay-at-home mom married to a soon to be ex-Army man.  I am from North Carolina but will be making the big move to the Midwest at the end of this year!  St. Paul, Minnesota to be exact!  I can't wait!  My family includes my husband, Dan, 2-year-old daughter Maggie, soon-to-be-newborn Lizzy and our English Bulldog, Brutus.  This blog is all about things that I love, craft projects I attempt to accomplish, and some bits and pieces of my everyday life.

My name is Andrea and I run an etsy art shop and blog called Paper Sparrow.  My shop is full of whimsical animal illustrations and jewelry and I like to blog about vintage, sewing, art and music.  I'm really excited to be moving to NYC in August!

Hi there, my name is Malayka. I run a little online vintage store and market stall
called Dashfield Vintage. We love nothing better than to go on treasure hunts and
bring home loots of pretty things from the 1940s – 1970s and then share them with
you! We are currently super excited to be working towards a real life shop filled with
all sorts of vintage goodies and threads from talented local designers.

When we aren’t rummaging through old things you can find us in our little cottage by
the beach in New Zealand. Hitting the beach, lounging in local cafes and dreaming
up new adventures is a perfect day off for us!


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