Well we're back from our quick lovers' getaway, and it was just what the doctor ordered!
I got off work early on Saturday, and Derek and I checked into the Hotel Fort Garry, here in Winnipeg. It is a super old (supposedly haunted) stunning hotel where we spent our wedding night, so we were thrilled when my parents booked us in for the night! We slipped into the cozy white bathrobes, popped a bottle of champagne and just relaxed
We went to Inferno's Bistro for dinner which was uhhhh-mazing and then headed back to our room for the night. In the morning we had the incredible brunch and then headed out to Amuricuh. We spent the first night there in Grand Forks, hit up the Super Target and stocked up on all of our favorite American things, (things that we can't buy in Canada for some weird reason) Nut Roll, jalapeƱo Cheetos and Lemonheads! If you're a Canadian, I'm sure you have "An American Thing", if you do, let me know what yours is!
 (sorry for the lousy picture, I would re-take it but most of these are long devoured!)

Then we hit up Happy Harry's to get some wine (holy cow it's crazy how cheap alcohol is in the states!) then we had some greasy mexican food and went back to our Hotel for the night.
We headed to Fargo, ND the next morning for one last night away. We know, we know...Fargo...so romantic...not (no offence Fargo!) but sometimes it's nice to just get outta town! 
We passed this beauty along the way! 

I may or may not have done a lot of thrifting...note the full cart and the full basket...typical.

Next we went to my favorite restaurant in Fargo- A Taste of Italy, and it did not disappoint! They have the most insane spinach and artichoke dip ever!  

We really didn't do a whole lot while away, just a whole lot of eating and relaxing and lovey dovey quality time, it was perfect!

Until next time...


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