Way back in March we did our first photoshoot with our trailer, Olive. We had just received word about our BUST Magazine opportunity in February, and we knew that we really wanted to send a photo to them, so that deadline really lit a fire under us to finish our renovations on Olive ASAP! So we decided to work a little backwards and start by finishing the exterior so that she would be photoshoot-ready. At this point we hadn't even touched the interior, other than to completely gut it, so she was full of debris and broken birch panels... but you couldn't tell from the outside! 

We invited our friend, James Paschke, along to shoot a little behind-the-scenes footage of us setting up for the photoshoot! He used an old VHS camera to put together a little film for us, which totally reminds us of cute old home movies! Take a peek at the makings of our first photoshoot:


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