We have major Spring fever over here, and with that comes wanting to chop off or change our hair drastically! I (Erin) chopped almost 8 inches of my locks yesterday (!!) and am over the moon with my new bob that my good friend Amy Zacharias over at Freshair boutique did! Photos to come soon! Do you have a favorite style you are always drawn to when wanting to change it up?
The lovely Annie Monroe has the perfect bob!
Photo by James D Kelly found here.

This is my dream haircut!

This bob is on the shorter side, but it would be pretty great for Summer.

A young Parisian girl in 1963 looking super adorable. Original photo source unknown. 

Lily Allen looking picture perfect! I had this cut a few years ago and am super tempted to go back to it.

Amy Roiland of Mod Dolls and her amazing locks!


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